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Your best source to repair your laundry computer boards and equipments.

25 years experienced

Our Knowledgeable and 25 years electronic experienced technicians do the best quality works.

High quality parts

We use only excellent quality of replacement parts from large laundry related parts supplies.


We use only advanced technology equipments and keep updating laundry technology.


save your time

Bring your down equipments to be serviced while-you-wait.(New York Area)

new laundry computer boards

We sell new products. Tell us a serial number of the board you look for.

laundry machine

We sell laundry machines!
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sales tax

Sales tax is collected all sales within New York unless a current resale card in on file.

Bring your broken boards

Use the laundry boards where the irrigation is impossible as favor a conpensation.

Repair service

We repair "Laundry Computer Boards".


American Dryer Corp.


Dexter Laundry


Heubsch.Speed Queen.Unimax


IPSO.Laundry Center.Maytag


Washer & Dryer

Other Brands

Washer & Dryer


For many brands

Card Readers




Technical Support

Following should be answered in order to assist you with better service.

Email your technical questions with details below.

We would be happy to answer your questions and usually return all Answers the very next business day.

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  • How do I get my laundry computer board repaired ?

    Send your defective computer p.c board to
    "Metro Laundry Tech Corp.
    1490 Boston Rd Ground Floor, Bronx, NY 10460"

  • What forms of payment do you accept ?

    “ Metro Laundry Tach Corp. ” accepts credit card. Orders can be prepaid by
    check, money order and COD.

  • My machine is down and I need rebuilt unit ASAP. What should I do ?

    Contact “ Metro Laundry Tech Corp.” to discuss your options. ASAP (24 hour) service is available for a on most Items. Many computer p.c board are in-stock for immediate shipment with a Refundable core charge. Please call for estimation.

  • I need a spare computer p.c board.

    Q : “ Metro Laundry Tech Corp. ” have any computer p.c board Available for purchase ? A : Model number of unit are available for purchased
    with a core charge.

  • What is the turn around time
    on orders ?

    In-stock computer p.c board are normally exchanged shipped. Within 2 days or same day. Non-exchanged computer p.c board requiring repair will be returned as soon as possible
    depending on labor and parts.

  • Delivery Confirmaion

    We provide UPS or USPS tracking number with shipped date. You may track your package via UPS Tracking( or USPS Tracking (

  • Packing

    Packing is very important to make sure that your parts are not damaged to the point that they can’t be rebuilt. Simply pack back and front of the boards with some padding on the display and packing material between the boards.

  • Shipping

    ※ Important ※
    You must enclose a note with
    1. you name.
    2. shipping address.
    3. phone number.
    Please include instruction on the method of payment. Missing these information may cause a delay of process.

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Metro Laundry Tech Corp.
1490 Boston Rd. Ground Floor
Bronx, NY 10460


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